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Senior Driving Safety; What You Should Know

There is no greater feeling than being able to get out on your own and run errands, or go and do the things you enjoy. In fact many of us still remember the day when our parents first handed over the keys, stepped out of our way, and allowed us to go out on the road and drive ourselves.
As we got older however, our driver’s license became more than just a symbol of freedom, it became the identification that never left our possession. As we commuted to the places where we worked, learned, and developed, the roads we traveled became the backdrop to the stories that made up our lives.

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The New Standard in Senior Care

Modern technologies are changing almost every facet of life, including senior care at Silverbell Homestead in Asheville NC. From training new caregivers to guiding seniors through exercise routines, new technologies are having a major effect on senior living. As you research Elder Care Facilities Asheville NC, you’ll want to consider how the Silverbell Homestead and other facilities make the most of modern equipment.

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When Do You Need Legal Advice About Elder Care?

Elder care is not a process that is always entered into lightly. Many wait until things progress to a dangerous point to get their elderly relatives the help that they need, prompting panic in the part of those who are suddenly responsible for making tough decisions.

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10 Great Gift Ideas for Seniors

Buying a present for your senior can be difficult. Your loved one might already have the things they need or they simply say they don’t want anything at all. However, we know that you still would like to give them a gift that they would actually use! Check out these ten great gift ideas for the senior in your life, whether they are living at home or in a senior living facility.

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What Is the Sundown Effect?

Scientists and doctors are discovering more of the symptoms and nuances of Alzheimer’s disease every year. One of those symptoms that is receiving an increasing amount of attention is sudden mood changes, and erratic changes in behavior. The sundown effect, part of sundown syndrome, is the term used by Alzheimer’s disease researchers and senior living specialities for a particular constellation of symptoms, including but not limited to:

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COVID-19 Era Creates Changes in Senior Living

The COVID pandemic has disrupted senior care living due to the social distancing limitations that exist in any area where mass numbers of people congregate. While smaller senior facilities must still overcome obstacles in licensing, financing, and development, these facilities are actually ideal for the above distancing issue. In today’s COVID environment, a small-housing senior care home could be a strong consideration for any senior or senior caregiver seeking assisted living arrangements.

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Assisted Living Alternatives

One alternative for an assisted living community is a residential care home. It provides care to small groups of adults over the age of 60, with most communities having six or less residents.

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A New Growing Option for Senior Living

Are you considering a residential care home for yourself or an aging parent? If so, there’s a growing trend in senior living that you should definitely explore before committing to a big-box assisted living or independent living facility. These non-traditional senior care residences still offer all the perks, but the environment is tailored to resemble in-home care by balancing privacy verses companionship and help verses autonomy to your specific desire within any given moment. Read on to learn more about this exciting option for seniors.

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