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Community living is not a novice when it comes to infectious diseases.  The common cold can spread quickly from person-to-person.  Norovirus shows up when one least expects and can make life challenging.  Today, COVID-19 has joined the ranks of diseases that Silverbell Homestead holds serious. 

When designing Silverbell Homestead, we thought about the best plans to limit or eliminate the spread of illnesses within our community.  You will find a solarium in the layout of our home. This room has a wall of windows looking out in the woods.  Natural sunlight and nature heal our mind and soul while Vitamin D relieves depression.   This will be a wonderful healing room with soft music, or peace-quiet, and healthy nourishments to keep one hydrated when they aren’t feeling quite themselves but do not want to stay in their rooms.  Those that are not ill will remain in the central hub of the home and will have access to the porch if the weather permits.  There are many daily practices performed to irradicate the spread of all infectious diseases. 

Here is how we do it:

  • Smaller environments provide us the luxury of maintaining a clean environment.
  • Daily hard surfaces (floors, furniture, tabletops etc.) will be wiped down and sanitized.
  • A HEPA air purifier has been installed to eliminate the growth of molds, allergens and unhealthy air pollens.
  • Social distancing and PPE are our way of living today. All care partners will practice this inside and outside the home.  Our activities are designed to support this current requirement.

More Safety Designs:

Zero transition flooring throughout the house.

Night-lights that are soft but effective.

Lever style door handles on every door.

Monitored security camera’s.

Circadian lighting to balance sleep/awake patterns.

Motion-lighting under the bed for those night bathroom trips.

Keypad entry ways for all outside doors.

Wireless necklace or wrist pendants with central call system.