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10 Great Gift Ideas for Seniors

Buying a present for your senior can be difficult. Your loved one might already have the things they need or they simply say they don’t want anything at all. However, we know that you still would like to give them a gift that they would actually use! Check out these ten great gift ideas for the senior in your life, whether they are living at home or in a senior living facility.

1. Handmade Leather Bookmark

If your loved one loves books, a quality leather bookmark will come in handy. It’s a simple gift that your senior will use time and again. They won’t lose a sturdy, attractive bookmark when you give them this as a gift!

2. Luxe Body Scrub

Your loved one may be in a senior living facility, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a wonderful body scrub! They’ll enjoy a hot bath with a product made from plant-based oils, sugars, and essential oils.

3. African-Print Apron

If your senior loves to cook, an apron in fun, inviting colors will be the perfect gift. Choose a handmade apron with a pocket to store kitchen utensils in as they cook!

4. Organic Herb Gardening Kit

This delightful kitchen garden set will be a hit as a present! The kit will arrive with everything your loved one will need to start and grow their very own organic herb garden.

5. Aromatherapy Candle

Who doesn’t love the smell of a good candle? Choose an aromatherapy candle made of essential oils and other botanicals. Your recipient will enjoy the amazing smell for weeks!

6. Temperature Mug

We’re betting your senior loves coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate, right? Never let their beverage get cold again with a temperature-controlled mug that keeps their drinks hot for almost two hours!

7. Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

Many seniors have trouble with nerve sensitivity and blood circulation. Acupressure foot massage slippers offer massage buttons that target the pressure points in the feet to help these issues and more.

8. Personalized Cutting Board

Engrave their favorite recipe on a personalized cutting board to give as a gift. The recipe will stay safe, and your loved one will have a beautiful piece of kitchen décor that doubles as a talking point!

9. Jam Sampler

Who doesn’t like jam? If your loved one is an assisted living home Asheville NC, send the gift of taste and elegance with a gift set of amazing flavors, such as sour cherry ginger and smoked yellow peach.

10. Personalized Drawing

Find a picture of the moment your loved one cradled her first grandchild to turn into a personalized painting. Grandma’s name, along with the name and birthdate of the baby, can be added to the finished product.

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