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The New Standard in Senior Care

Modern technologies are changing almost every facet of life, including senior care at Silverbell Homestead in Asheville NC. From training new caregivers to guiding seniors through exercise routines, new technologies are having a major effect on senior living. As you research Elder Care Facilities Asheville NC, you’ll want to consider how the Silverbell Homestead and other facilities make the most of modern equipment.

Senior Care is Progressing

All this new technology could not be coming at a better time. In the United States, the European Union, and around the world, the population of those over the age of 65 is greater than it’s ever been before. This is no surprise, seeing that with the latest medical advances, people live much longer than they used to. When one in every three people lives to be one hundred, this means there are a lot of elderly folks to take care of. This is putting serious strain on the care industry, which is struggling to keep up with demand for its services. Without the staff and space for more patients, many companies are finding it difficult to keep pace. Luckily, technology is helping to close the gap.

New Technologies That Assist Senior Living

Lots of new inventions are helping seniors cope in ways that would have seemed impossible just a few decades ago. From safety features to organizational tools, there’s so much that new technology has to offer seniors. Hearing aids, once a mere auditory assistant, are now also capable of detecting falls. A sensor-filled undershirt can assist the movements of virtual butlers, helping seniors keep up with their exercise routines. Walkers, long a hallmark of senior care, are now outfitted with the ability to serve as virtual personal assistants. All of this can make it easier and safer for seniors to cope with their physical limitations.

Assistance For Caregivers

With populations aging fast, caregivers will have to be more efficient and effective than ever before. Luckily, technology will also be helpful for caregiving staff. Digital assistants can serve as chatbots and advisors, taking in large amounts of data about patients and suggesting care measures. When a new caregiver is needed in a facility, high-tech training programs can help prepare a new hire in less than a week. These technologies will make it much easier for smaller numbers of human staff members to serve larger numbers of patients.

A Focus On Adding “Healthy Years” To Life

Adding years to a human life is obviously a wonderful thing, but it might be just as crucial to add “healthy years,” as well. That means doing everything possible to promote more years of good health (free of chronic illness) for senior members of the population. There are many ways to do this. Pharmaceutical solutions receive the most attention, but lifestyle changes might be just as important. Research has shown that increasing exercise and maintaining a healthy diet are major factors in avoiding illnesses. Social interactions and intellectual stimulation are also vitally important. While keeping seniors active and engaged is no easy task, modern technology can certainly help.

Robots Can Help Keep Seniors Tuned In

While robots might not adequately replace humans when it comes to building relationships, they can still be useful for engaging seniors and inspiring them to stay active. From finding keys to providing companionship, robots can be a major help for patients.

Keep Technology In Mind During Your Search For Senior Care

When searching for Elder Care Facilities Asheville NC, technology should be at the top of your mind. At Silverbell Homestead and other homes, new inventions will provide remarkable improvements to the quality of senior living.

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