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Why a High Staff to Resident Ratio Is Crucial When Choosing a Nursing Home

When it comes time to locate the best senior living facility for your loved one, you need to make several crucial considerations. The staff-to-resident ratio should always be chief among them, for many reasons. The following advantages are extremely pivotal for residents and their families who are looking to enhance their peace of mind. Learn more about why you should prioritize a high staff-to-resident ratio when choosing a nursing home.

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What to Look For in Assisted Living Near Fletcher, NC: Memory Care

Senior living communities come in many shapes and sizes. Some are industrial, with hospital-like wings for seniors in need of attentive medical care. Others are practically resorts. However, special care must be taken in designing an assisted living near Fletcher, NC, and the primary component is memory care.

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What to Do When Your Parents Get Dementia

It is never easy to watch your parents get old. In our minds, parents are giants who will always be at their peak of strength and energy. Just as your parents will always see you as their child, you will always remember them as the people who held you when you were little, taught you your first skills, encouraged you on your first victories, and helped you launch as a young adult.

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Asheville, NC, Assisted Living: Why It’s the Top Choice for Many Seniors

When choosing the best assisted living facility for your loved one, location plays a major role. From climate and scenery to transportation and entertainment options, you need to consider a wide variety of factors that can impact the quality of life. An Asheville, NC, assisted living facility can be a wonderful choice for seniors who want to wake up to beautiful views, take full advantage of lush nature, and breathe the freshest air in the state.

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How to Approach the Topic of Assisted Living With a Parent or Grandparent

The older members of your family are likely people you have loved and looked up to for decades. They may have cared for you when you were a child and been there for you in hard times. It can be difficult to see relatives you hold in high esteem eventually need help living due to old age. Of course, it happens to everyone. Older humans naturally lose strength and stability. It may become more difficult to focus and remember a full to-do list each day, and that’s okay.

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Finding a Place for Mom or Dad: Assisted Living vs. Skilled Nursing

Taking care of your aging parents tends to get more complicated with time. As your mom or dad starts requiring extra help with everyday activities and demands more medical attention, you may want to consider alternatives to their current place of residence. But finding a place for Mom or Dad doesn’t have to be complicated. You have many options available, including assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. The choice of your parent’s new home depends on various factors, including their physical health, mental capacity, and preferences.

Let’s take a closer look at assisted living and skilled nursing facilities as options to consider.

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The Right Age for Assisted Living: Thoughts and Considerations for Seniors

As the golden years set in, many seniors feel the need for extra support. That’s when their loved ones start looking into assisted living facilities. But what is the right age for assisted living?

The complex answer is there is no single right age for assisted living. This residential option is an excellent opportunity to live in a beautiful home with a great view without worrying about some aspects of day-to-day life that your loved one can no longer handle alone.

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