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Occupational Therapy; What Is It?

Despite what the name may imply, occupational therapists don’t just assist people in finding employment or dealing with issues at work. Occupational therapists are trained medical professionals who assist patients in discovering solutions for carrying out necessary or desired daily activities.

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Providing Person-Centered Care Services

The terms “person-centered care services” and “personalized care” are frequently used while discussing senior services. Person-centered care is a phrase that is frequently heard in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, memory care villages, and retirement communities. But what exactly is person-centered care? What does it resemble, and where may one find it? The solutions might surprise you.

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Do I Need a Nursing Home for Long-Term Care?

It goes without saying that as we become older, we start to require more help to live happy and healthy lives. Contrary to popular belief, long-term care does not necessarily mean being admitted to a nursing home. In addition to health treatments, long-term care also involves supportive and personal care services.

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Male Caregivers Have Special Qualities

Who comes to mind when you think of a family caregiver for an elderly person? Women have always been the primary ones who have stepped into those roles, whether they are taking care of small children or elderly parents. However, that’s changing, and there is a growing number of male caregivers in recent years.

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Music Therapy for the Elderly

Many elderly people who are in the middle to late stages of dementia frequently express a desire to “get home” or find a sense of belonging. They may have lost their sense of self and sense of control over their lives as a result of the disease process. We try to think of methods to bring out their personalities and the distinctive person that they are. One of the few things that simultaneously engages and stimulates the entire brain of our aging loved ones is music therapy for the elderly.

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Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

The most complex system ever constructed is the human body. The more we understand it, the more we understand just how incredible it is. Our bodies usually do an excellent job of serving us throughout life. Our bodies miraculously continue to endure everyday wear and damage and recuperate (although more slowly) from injuries and operations. Our muscle mass and balance peak in our twenties, but declines as we age. Later in life we need to be proactive in applying fall prevention strategies for seniors.

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Ways to Enjoy Seasonal Summer Fruit

Our chefs and dining staff at Silverbell Homestead make great efforts to purchase seasonal fruit, and local vegetables, so that residents can receive a wide variety of fruits and vegetables on a monthly basis. It’s all a part of our dedication to the well-being and health of our residents.

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