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When Families Disagree About Assisted Living

If you grew up with siblings, there’s a good chance you battled on occasion. As you got older, the fights shifted from who gets to drive the car to who gets to fight over toys. Fighting with your siblings or loved ones can be avoided when it comes to making decisions about assisted living for your parents.

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What Vaccinations Do Seniors Need to Consider?

While most vaccination discussions this year have centered on companies like Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson, but what are other vaccinations do seniors need to consider? Because illness prevention is such an important aspect of good aging, knowing which vaccines you need and when you need them is crucial.

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Ways of Managing Assisted Living Costs

Most people’s savings and Social Security income are insufficient to cover the cost of assisted living. Most juggle such assets with long-term-care insurance benefits, home-sale profits, and contributions from willing and able family members.

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Ideas for Autumn Activities

The air is crisp, and the leaves are changing, but it’s not time to hibernate just yet. Here are some ideas for autumn activities for seniors. Fall ushers in so many lovely things: pumpkin spice-flavored foods, vividly colored leaves, fall festivals, and the holiday season, despite the fact that you may not appreciate the cooler temperature or shorter days.

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7 Benefits of Assisted Living

Deciding whether or not an assisted living community is a good fit for ourselves or our loved one, is one of the most challenging things we can ever face. We’ve listed some of the benefits of assisted living below, to help you through the process.

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Tips for Aging Well

Regardless of your current age, staying healthy and feeling your best is essential. These suggestions can help you deal with the changes that come with becoming older while also helping you experience life to the fullest. 

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A Close Look at the Assisted Living Facility Contract

Before moving in, most assisted living facilities will require you to sign an admission agreement, which is a contract. Don’t sign right away. You should carefully analyze the contract and get it reviewed by an elder-law attorney. “You want to be informed of all the terms because, after you sign, you may not have much recourse,” says Lori Smetanka, executive director of the advocacy group National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care.

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Choosing Assisted Living Options Wisely

Here’s how to deal with rising costs and caregiver shortages.

Assisted living has become a popular alternative for elderly people in recent years, compared to staying in their homes. They can remain in a comfortable home environment while receiving the services they require, such as assistance with bathing and dressing while avoiding the institutionalized atmosphere of a nursing home.

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Preventing Dementia With Healthy Behaviors

A new Alzheimer’s disease medicine, the first in nearly two decades, will be available soon. However, some experts believe the improvement seen in Dementia patients will be limited, and that it will likely come with a high cost.

Nonetheless, the news of its clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration generated national headlines. The focus reflects the devastating impact dementia has on individuals, family, and society, as well as the absence of effective treatment alternatives.

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