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Meet the Owner of Silverbell Homestead

As a RALS™ (Residential Assisted Living Specialist), our team has earned the highest level of professional certification in the industry. Including 16 years of experience serving the aging population.

Rae Booth | Founder

When Rae Booth was a young girl she would stand in her backyard and call over to the neighbor’s kitchen window, “What did you bake today, Grandma Malloy?” Grandma Malloy would respond with a cheerful voice, “I have fresh homemade donuts for the two of us to snack on Rae, go and ask your mom if you can come over for a visit.” Without haste, Rae ran to ask permission from her Mom to visit with the elderly neighbor next door. Rae realized growing up that aging adults would somehow play a big part in her life; she just didn’t know how!

In 2006, Rae began working for Griswold Home Care in New Castle, Delaware and on her first day, discovered that a big part of her passion for helping aging adults or adults living with disabilities had been the missing link in her life! In 2013, Rae opened Griswold Home Care Referral Service in the Asheville, Hendersonville areas of North Carolina.

Today, Rae is ready to take her passion to the next level of senior care by co-creating healthy, well-balanced living environments that will aid folks who need help with their activities of daily living. Rae knows now that affordable housing can be a real issue for many elders and there are few options when an elder requires oversight and assistance with daily activities of living but does not need a nurse.

Rae is a Certified Residential Assisted Living Specialist in addition to other extensive training. Her life is filled with joy as she looks into the future helping folks to age with dignity in a shared home environment! Rae’s energy, caregiver expertise and passionate love of end of life work is the force that enriches Silverbell Homestead LLC with exemplary compassionate care-partners and developing an exemplary operation that supports the needs of our residence.