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Meet The Silverbell Management Team

Residential Enhanced Living (REL) is a two skill set business / Real Estate paired with Elder Care.

Rae Booth

Rae loves and excels in providing Elder care.  She has 12 years experience and passion in this vocation!

Bob Swanson

Bob has a passion for and excels in real estate.  He has been active for 25 years with various real estate projects & transactions and community networking activity.

The Rae and Bob story travels back to our early Asheville years, in 2012. We were members of the same business networking groups, philosophical discussion groups and a variety of spiritual and personal growth activities. Until recent years our personal interactions were limited to observing and listening to each other while participating in diverse events and environments. Slowly acquiring a broad background of respect for the others life view, business ethics and personal qualities these encounters provided the sound foundation for our current business partnership. We looked at the Residential Enhanced Living (REL aka RAL) opportunity together and understood the dynamic synergy we could create

As a RALS™ (Residential Assisted Living Specialist), each has earned the highest level of professional certification in the industry.

Rae Booth | Founding Partner

When Rae Booth was a young girl she would stand in her backyard and call over to the neighbor’s kitchen window, “What did you bake today, Grandma Malloy?” Grandma Malloy would respond with a cheerful voice, “I have fresh homemade donuts for the two of us to snack on Rae, go and ask your mom if you can come over for a visit.” Without haste, Rae ran to ask permission from her Mom to visit with the elderly neighbor next door. Rae realized growing up that elderly people would somehow play a big part in her life, she just didn’t know how!

In 2006, Rae began working for Griswold Home Care in New Castle, Delaware and on her first day, she expressed to Mary Ann Murray, the Director of Griswold Home Care in the New Castle office that she wanted to learn everything she could about the home-care referral business. Rae discovered that a big part of her passion for helping elders had been the missing link in her life! In 2013, Rae opened Griswold Home Care Referral Service in the Asheville, Hendersonville areas of North Carolina.

Today, Rae is ready to take her passion to the next level of elder care by co-creating healthy,well-balanced living environments that will aid folks who need help with their activities of daily living. Rae knows now that affordable housing can be a real issue for many elders and there are few options when an elder requires oversight and assistance with daily activities of living,but does not need a nurse.

Through some extensive research of different living concepts that will meet these specialized needs in the future, “Residential Enhanced Living” is the model to support elder living: a clean,safe place to call home; nutritional home-cooked meals; shopping; transportation to appointments and more. The other important feature of this style of living, is one is not alone. A small community of 8-12 elders will share a large home. Each person will have their own bedroom but will share the common areas with other like-minded folks.

Rae is a Certified Residential Assisted Living Specialist. Her life is filled with compassion and joy as she looks into the future helping folks to age with dignity in shared home environments!Rae’s role is on the care and operational side. With her energy, caregiver expertise and passionate love of end of life work Rae is the force that staffs Silverbell Homestead LLC with exemplary compassionate caregivers and developing a exemplary operation that supports the needs of our residence.

Bob Swanson | Founding Partner

Bob Swanson’s role in Silverbell Homestead LLC is to identify and arrange the acquisition of the most suitable omes in desirable neighborhoods. He plans and oversees modifications that will foster an atmosphere of comfortable living in a cozy safe home in a familiar neighborhood. Bob will be accessible to our residents and responsible for maintaining our high quality home maintenance and safety.

Bob’s career as an entrepreneur owning businesses that serve, person to person began the year after graduating high school in 1967. At the age of 19, Bob purchased his first business, a retail bakery. Bob had worked in this bakery through his high school years, learning the craft becoming a Master Baker. As the business grew, Bob developed a passion for interacting with and pleasing an upscale clientele. This passion opened the door to creating a landmark baking business, one of New Jersey’s largest and most dynamic. Today’s expression of his food background is reflected in the quality of Silverbell Homestead meals. Locally sourced, organic,
high in nutritional value and artistically prepared, real food is our standard fare. Following Bob’s passions in life, developed in having a few major careers. Real estate has been his all time favorite and most productive and is the connection to Bob’s passion for the Silverbell Homestead LLC being created today.

While in his early 20’s, Bob began a daily meditation practice along with a regular practice of Tai Chi and for the past 15 years Qigong. In recent years, Bob participated in ceremonial work based on indigenous peoples cultures. Bob’s awareness of the role elder’s have for eons played in passing a life's learned wisdom to strengthen community, and the communities respect and care given elders is keenly developed in him.

Recognizing Bob’s season in life and desire to participate and strengthen the communities where he has the greatest influence is Bob’s passion today. Rae and Bob are fulfilling a need for quality housing that enhances and honors our resident’s life experience. Beyond housing our homes strengthen community and provide an experience for members of the silver tsunami who are enabled to engage in expression appropriate to their season of life.



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Our Mission

Each home embraces a life of joyfulness that enhances your quality of life through a safe living environment, stimulating social interactions, compassionate care and restorative nourishment from organic food.