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Where to Find Great Homes for the Elderly With Alzheimer’s

If your parent has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you are not alone. About 40% of seniors aged 65 and older experience age-related memory problems. This can add to the risks of a senior living alone. They are dealing with not only reduced physical capability but also reduced mental focus and ability for clear decision-making.

Alzheimer’s patients are prone to wandering and forgetfulness, two issues that can make it unsafe for them to live alone. Of course, this will lead many families to ask where to find great homes for the elderly after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. You want your parent to have a good life in their final years, even if they do not always remember where they are.

Let’s talk about how to ensure safety and happiness for your parent with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The Importance of Memory Care for Alzheimer’s Patients

Most importantly, seniors with Alzheimer’s need supervision and support from professionals trained in memory care. Memory care includes:

  • Special techniques to navigate moments of dementia in which the senior is mentally and emotionally disconnected from the here-and-now
  • Guided care that helps seniors avoid risks like cooking alone
  • Special therapeutic conversational techniques that can help seniors feel safe while they experience confusion

This is essential for great homes for the elderly with Alzheimer’s.

Full-Time Memory Care Assistance at Home

Can your parent with Alzheimer’s keep living at home? It is not recommended that a senior with onset dementia live alone. Your parent could live with you, but most families do not have the time or the memory care training to provide full-scope oversight and care for an Alzheimer’s patient as the condition progresses.

It is possible to hire a home care aide with memory care training. However, you will want to consider the expense and routine necessary for full-time help in the home.

Memory Care Senior Living Community

Most families find that the safest and most beneficial choice is for parents with Alzheimer’s to live in a senior living community that includes memory care services. This allows professionals trained in memory care to work together to provide a safe and supervised home environment where seniors can enjoy themselves without the risks of living alone or creating undue stress within the family.

Many senior living facilities are designed with memory care in mind. In great homes for the elderly, Alzheimer’s patients can engage in daily socialization and activities without feeling isolated. They know there is always a kind person to talk to, even if they become confused.

Great Homes for the Elderly With Memory Care

Naturally, your next step is to look for great homes for the elderly with memory care. For residents in the Asheville area, you can find several places that offer assisted living near Asheville, NC.

Signs of a good place to live for your parent with Alzheimer’s include:

  • A comforting home-like environment
  • Low resident-to-caregiver ratio
  • Relaxing daily activities
  • Plenty of sunshine

Daily sunshine has been found to reduce the progress of dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s, so sunrooms and sunny porches are always a good sign.

How Silverbell Homestead Helps Seniors With Alzheimer’s

At Silverbell Homestead, we create a cozy residential environment with memory care built into our daily care philosophy. The atmosphere is gentle because 40% of seniors eventually develop age-related memory problems. Our staff are trained in memory care techniques that ease the confusion or upset that can come with dementia incidents. We also encourage residents to decorate their rooms with personal items such as keepsakes and family photos to create a stronger, lasting connection to those memories that matter most. If you would like to explore Silverbell Homestead as a welcoming assisted living home near Asheville, NC, we welcome you. Having a parent with Alzheimer’s can be difficult, but with a great senior living home, you won’t have to worry if your parent is happy or safe in their daily life. Contact us to discuss your personal situation and to learn more about Silverbell’s resident and memory care services.