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When Families Disagree About Assisted Living

If you grew up with siblings, there’s a good chance you battled on occasion. As you got older, the fights shifted from who gets to drive the car to who gets to fight over toys. Fighting with your siblings or loved ones can be avoided when it comes to making decisions about assisted living for your parents.

Siblings battle over assisted living for their parents for a variety of reasons. Here are five things to think about when working with your siblings to find care for your parents, whether it’s money, living arrangements, or a responsibility imbalance:

Start having conversations as soon as possible.

To minimize confrontation, start planning ahead of time before an emergency occurs. Even if your parents are in good physical and mental health, you and your family should communicate and plan ahead of time so that you and your family are prepared.

Compassion is a virtue to practice.

At the end of the day, you and your family have the same aim in mind: to care for your parents. Always remember to show compassion and patience. When discussing an issue, no matter how big or tiny it is from your personal perspective, speak to each other with respect. Listening with your mouth open or raising your voice will simply postpone finding a family-friendly solution.


Miscommunication, or even a lack of communication, is at the root of most conflicts. Ascertain that everyone has the correct information about your parents at the appropriate moment. Meet on a regular basis to share information and make plans. If your siblings live far apart, use video calls, emails, and other online communication methods to keep in touch. Respect what each sibling has to say and allow them to talk freely.

Get Your Loved One Involved

Involve your elderly loved one if they are in excellent health so that both parties understand what they actually want. Is Mom at ease behind the wheel, or would she rather have someone else drive her where she needs to go? If at all feasible, your loved one’s voice should be heard during the decision-making process so that they are satisfied with the transition.

Seek Advice from an Assisted Living Facility

Reach out to your local home care provider (you may contact us here) to discuss the process and what the best options are for your parents if you’re having trouble deciding, aren’t sure what services you truly need, or just need an outside resource. You should also check to see if your insurance will cover this or if it would have to be paid for privately.

It’s not always pleasant to watch your parents age, but providing them with the assistance they require to age with dignity is crucial. If you are considering assisted living for your loved one in the Fletcher, NC area, and have any questions about home care, please do not hesitate to CONTACT our team at Silverbell Homestead. 828-492-3876

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