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Staying Active in Senior Living Communities Has Life-Changing Benefits

Every year, a large number of us, regardless of age, make the same New Year’s resolution: to be more “active.” Though it frequently refers to physical activity, being “active” encompasses more than that. Volunteering, drawing, or even meeting up with friends for happy hour on a regular basis are all examples of an “active” lifestyle.

Benefits of Active Senior Living

An active lifestyle is beneficial to everyone. Active senior living, can meet the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs of our mature loved ones, giving them a more balanced life. Studies reveal that seniors over the age of 74 benefit the most from physical activity in terms of survival and overall health. However, activities that concentrate on other aspects of wellbeing can be just as beneficial.

Here are four of active senior living’s biggest life-changing advantages.

Longer Life Expectancy

The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends that older persons exercise every week,” according to their guidelines. Because studies suggest that physically active persons have a lower risk of mortality and a significant reduction in functional skills than sedentary adults, seniors should make every effort to get moving.

Walking as tolerated, chair exercises, gentle stretching, and flexibility exercises are all examples of active senior living activities that may be appropriate. Consider gardening, fishing, or birdwatching as outdoor activities.

Mental Sharpness

Even if your mobility is limited, remaining busy with puzzles, card games, crafting, knitting, writing, reading, and music will help you make the most of your golden years.

Alzheimer’s researchers have discovered a link between lifelong reading and dementia. When compared to those who did not engage in such activities, those who showed a lifelong practice of reading and writing had a 14 percent lower decline in mental capacity at the end of their lives. Even if you don’t begin sharpening your brain until later in life, conducting “brain exercises” can help develop brain cells and sustain the connections that connect them. Including mental exercises in active senior living, the regimen isn’t just a maintenance duty; it can also boost cellular performance.

A Community That Cares

That brings us to one of the most enjoyable aspects of maturation: friendships. With 70 to 80 years of contact, it’s difficult to see somebody in their senior years being lonely. The truth is that nurturing those relationships might require some effort, especially if we move or change interests in our older years. Finding an active senior living community that prioritizes people is a critical first step toward assuring you will never be alone.

The act of extending a handshake will not go unnoticed, whether you join a club, attend an activity that attracts curious and friendly individuals or seek out new faces at a place of worship. Social activities are highly valued in the senior years because they can help people get through even the most difficult challenges of aging.

Tranquillity & Peace of Mind

Finally, we all want to be able to declare that we have reached peace in our lives. As an older adult, there is no better time to achieve spiritual contentment. Whether you worship, pray, meditate, or simply think about the deep philosophical links we have with the world around us, the benefits include a stronger sense of purpose at a time when some seniors may be feeling down.

Silverbell Homestead’s Innovative Approach to Active Senior Living

We could all use some assistance with our New Year’s resolutions, especially those that include becoming more active. It is our desire at Silverbell Homestead to assist our residents in leading healthy, meaningful lives guided by mindful living and holistic care.

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