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The services that inspire elders must account for their advanced age without allowing age to limit the possibilities. Innovative senior housing in Western North Carolina must offer more than your traditional elderly care facilities. For example, consider:

  • Seniors can still hike, just maybe not as far.
  • Painting, making ceramics and playing music are creatively stimulating at any age.
  • Physical exercise, even while seated, aids the body and the mind.
  • Interacting with children sharpens minds while benefiting everyone involved.
  • Gardening is a meditative activity that solidifies a connection to the earth.
  • Cultural events, inside the home or away from it, provide excitement and variety.

Silverbell Homestead Signature Services

Senior housing in Asheville and senior housing in Hendersonville provide access to the hustle and bustle of nearby towns and the quiet allure of the nearby mountains. All Silverbell Homestead homes offer services that fit into broad categories, such as:

Medical Care

While your Silverbell Homestead home doesn’t have a full-time doctor or nurse, the house staff manage your daily medications to ensure you take what your doctor ordered. Two healthcare aids per home oversee your nursing needs, and transportation to doctor appointments can be arranged.

Residential Care

If you need help with daily duties like getting out of bed, hygiene or moving around, the healthcare aids are there to lend a hand. These elderly care facilities accommodate all stages of life, so even if you move in for independent living for seniors, you get the care you need as you begin to slow down.

Nutritious Meals

Each home has a formal dining area, and you share meals communally, which fosters socialization and friendship. The meals themselves are prepared onsite with nutritious ingredients that are often locally sourced and organic.

Physical Exercise

Independent living for seniors includes some physical fitness to keep you healthy and mobile. Activities happen both in the house and beyond its walls. Activities like chair yoga, gardening, gentle tai chi, walking or hiking are invigorating, therapeutic and age-specific.

Hospice Care

If you need 24-hour medical care, it’s time to move to a nursing home that can provide it. But if choose to eschew more invasive medical interventions, you can stay in the home for hospice care.

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Each home embraces a life of joyfulness that enhances your quality of life through a safe living environment, stimulating social interactions, compassionate care and restorative nourishment from organic food.