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Assisted Living Asheville NC

How Is Assisted Living Different From Independent Living

When people have decided to move into a senior living community, they should have many different options available to them. There are various types of care options offered by American Senior Communities. This includes Skilled Nursing, Wellness, Memory Care and others. Two important options many people like to discuss are Assisted Living and Independent Living. The goal and mission with each of these options are social engagement and more. Residents also are provided opportunities for mental as well as physical well-being. Someone who has never before thought about the world of senior communities may find these terms confusing. This is a chance for us to clarify what all this means.

Independence for Seniors

Many individuals who join a senior community have no immediate need for help perform their daily activities. They do it because they have a desire to improve their quality of life. This could involve improvement for them socially, physically and more. When people have this desire, they discover Independent Living enables them to maintain their independence. It is considered a time of transition, a time to begin the next stage of their life. Independent Living Apartments, as well as Garden Homes, are offered at American Senior Communities. This enables residents to have the freedom to create a space truly their own. It also provides important and convenient amenities. This includes pet-friendly options, beauty/barber shop, complimentary transportation, wellness and fitness programs, kitchenettes or full kitchens as well as quick and easy access to medical care when necessary.

Assistance with Assisted Living Options

Some residents need assistance when it comes to performing their daily living activities. An excellent way to help them remain healthy and safe is with Assisted Living options. They can choose from Personal Care Apartments as well as Memory Care Apartments and more. Each of them provide residents with different levels of support and care based on a person’s individual condition like dementia and others. These living options provide residents with the opportunity to enjoy the quality meals served in our dining room. There is also family and social engagements to help develop a sense of community and assist with their daily activities. It provides an opportunity to personalize their own living space and have a sense of being part of a larger community. This is what is provided by Assisted Living. It is a place where the care is designed to ensure a resident’s safety and health.

Transitioning and Meeting Expectations

It isn’t always easy for many people to transition into living in a senior community. We at American Senior Communities understand it can be a challenge. This is why we are dedicated to providing the level of support a person needs and work hard while not being intrusive. No matter what living situation a person is transitioning into, we will approach the situation by listening to what our new resident is telling us. This provides caregivers with insight into the desires and wishes of the resident. We can then pair them with our various types of care and living options. American Senior Communities is dedicated to partnering with our residents and discovering what would provide them with the best possible solutions. We want to meet all their expectations. Should someone be able to prepare their meals and have a desire to do this, we want them to have this option. If someone is willing to do different types of tasks like maintenance and cleaning; it is also encouraged. It’s also important to know if someone needs assistance with these tasks. We will always be there to provide any assistance they may require for happy and safe living.

Should it involve providing assistance for living in an apartment or one of our other available options, we are more than willing to help. It is important residents and their families have peace of mind. They need to know their loved one will be getting all the attention they require and their independence will always be encouraged and respected.

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