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What is Aqua Therapy for Seniors?

Regular exercise is essential for aging well. According to experts, people should design weekly routines that mix stretching, weight training, and cardiovascular workouts. Aqua therapy is one type of exercise that incorporates all three of those. But what is aqua therapy, and is it good for seniors?

The advantages of a warm pool’s gravity-free atmosphere are well known. It benefits the body, the mind, and the spirit. Examining aqua therapy, its advantages, and some of the best exercises you can do in the water can help you understand what it is.

What Is Aqua Therapy, and How Can It Help Seniors?

Physical treatment includes aqua therapy, sometimes referred to as hydrotherapy. Exercises are often done in a heated pool that is between 83 and 88 degrees. All ages can benefit from this type of exercise. Seniors recovering from an injury or surgery or those with chronic medical conditions that make exercise difficult can benefit greatly from aquatic therapy.

Advantages of Swimming for Seniors

  • minimizes all pressure on joints that support body weight
  • enables the body to be stabilized without falling
  • enhances endurance, flexibility, and strength
  • reduces stress and promotes relaxation
  • improves range of motion and balance and improves cardiovascular health

While many elderly citizens build a fitness routine with a physical therapist, certain fitness facilities and senior living communities offer staff members who instruct a range of pool-based classes.

Some gyms have access to an indoor swimming pool, a hydrotherapy pool, and a full-time fitness director.

Appropriate Pool Exercises

What are some of the top exercises that seniors can perform in a heated pool? Here are some things to think about, though it’s always best to discuss particular recommendations with your primary care physician:

  • Marching in place or hopping from one side of the pool to the other while clinging to the edge
  • Water aerobics, like these LiveStrong programs for weight training using aquatic dumbbells
  • Water resistance jump jacks to increase stamina
  • Squats while clinging to a pool or railing’s edge

Tips for Senior Swimmers on Safety

Although most types of water therapy don’t require swimmers, there are several safety measures you’ll need to take:

  • Never swim or exercise in the water alone.
  • Think about donning eye protection gear like goggles.
  • Apply sunscreen before working out in an outdoor pool.
  • While working out, sip water frequently.
  • Keep your pace and avoid going too far.

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